Different Ways To Style A Midi Skirt

Different Ways To Style A Midi Skirt

Midi skirts have somewhat of a vintage look in my opinion and can be more on the conservative side of dressing. However, you don't need to have a conservative style to wear a midi skirt. I believe they can be worn so many different ways and on many different occasions such as going out with friends, going on a date, going to work, and even a casual hangout. I prefer to wear my midi skirt with heels to give it a grown woman edgy look, however, a midi skirt can also be worn with tennis shoes. If you keep reading, I'll show you many ways to wear a midi skirt whether you are dressing it up with heels or dressing it down with flats. 

But first, check out the different ways I styled the midi skirt with my Pretty Petite  T-Shirt.  

pretty petite shirt and midi skirt

Pretty petite shirt and midi skirt

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Also check out the other ways that's aforementioned above that a midi skirt can be worn on many different occasions. 

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