How to Elevate Your Look

How to Elevate Your Look

Hey there beautiful one, before we can elevate our outer appearance we must feel just as good on the inside. In order to do that we must elevate our minds. Let's go over what that may look like. 

Elevating Our Mind!

What are you consuming? You are what you eat. If you consume negativity, gossip, and are excited by the idea of it, you are the problem. Your life and where you are in it is a reflection of you and the choices you make. You shape your existence and create your reality. What foundation have you laid down for yourself? The sooner you can understand and accept this truth, the sooner you can start the work to build yourself up to where you want to be. The most commonly overlooked factor of elevating oneself is that, you must carry yourself and act as though you are where you want to be. Why? You can’t get where you’re trying to go if you cannot leave behind the habits and mindset of where you are now. For example, one of my dreams cars are a Lexus. I don't currently own a Lexus car but my mindset says I will very soon. To prepare myself, I often visit Lexus dealerships and test drive the cars. I may not own the vehicle now but I am preparing my mind for what's to come. How can you mentally position yourself and prepare for what's to come?  

Now let's tackle why you should elevate your look? 

You dictate how you look and set the tone for how you are to be received. With this being said, what are you wearing? When you see people you scrutinize them and they do the same to you! Your outfit will speak before you can. What is it saying? What is the message you hope to relay to people when you are seen? Dress with intent and convey the message.

Honor yourself through clothing and you will elevate your look. Nobody knows your body like you, so it is up to you to wear the clothing that best suits you. This can be done through a number of methods. For example, people with sensitive skin may lean towards certain fabrics and materials that cater to keeping them comfortable in that respect. Another instance of this can be seen is wearing the clothes that best present your shape and still give you the look you are going for.

Are you a visual learner? Check out this video on how we elevated one of Miranda Chaney Petite Wear looks.  



The Editors of this post include Zoe Adams and Shadana Chaney

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