Stepping Into Style

Stepping Into Style

What does it mean to step into style or step up your style?

Your style is defined by YOU. Wherever you are, however, you are! You truly set the tone when it comes to your fashion.

  1. Respect, Understanding and Self Love

The first measure you must take is to come to an understanding and respect for where you are in your life. Everyone is in a different place and time in their life. It is imperative that your goals for not only your style, but yourself, are catering to you! Where in YOUR style do you need to invest? For some women, a goal could be to get better bras . Are you trying to downsize your wardrobe? Write down your goals. How soon do you want to have these items by? How soon are you trying to have your items gone by? Respect where you are in your life enough to do what’s best for you. Love yourself to know that it’s okay to not have a runway look every single day. For some,  it is a milestone to get up and get ready for the day because that’s where they are in THEIR life. Everyone’s journey is different and it’s easy to compare people without looking at the bigger picture. If you can’t hold your head up high without being in the latest and greatest, no piece can fix that. You are whole in any outfit!

  1. Sort

Sort through what you do have! If you have areas where you store your clothing that you rarely touch, you probably need to sort through them. What can you still fit that you are actually going to wear? If you haven’t worn it yet, ask yourself about the likelihood of you ever wearing it. When you put it on do you feel good? Find a local women’s shelter and donate what you no longer use that they can. Not only will it go on to bless someone else, but it will immediately bless you with some free space! If you have some free time, you can also look into ways to repurpose your items. For example, jeans  can be turned into a nice handbag or cloth to go over a pair of earrings.

  1. Clean

Clean out wherever you store your clothes! With the current events, it does not hurt to get in that closet and wipe some things down and spray some Lysol. Your clothes have been out and about and not every piece can just be thrown in a washer. Life happens. In general, it’s useful to clean out through what you have so you can throw out what can no longer be worn by anyone, so you don’t accidentally give something damaged. If you don’t wash often, keep the area you keep those clothes in as clean as possible. The last thing you want is bacteria from your sweat and dead skin cells and God knows what else from what you came into contact with, having a party in your clothes.

  1. Respect your budget before you have to.

Stepping into style does not mean stepping on your budget. You can always find a cheaper substitute. Although your choice of clothing speaks volumes, anyone who cannot see your value beyond your attire is not worth spending money to impress. Avoid debt and spending money you don’t have to spend and shop  within your means. Respect your needs and goals enough to make the decision that is not only best for you but your wallet as well.

  1. Set your clothes out ahead of time!

If you can, plan your outfits the night before or well before the event so you can give yourself as much time as possible to give yourself the look you are most pleased with. Have you ever been forced to rush out and left not feeling like you looked your best? Did it take a toll on your mood or confidence in your appearance? Avoid that by finding time for yourself in this manner.


Miss Zoe Adams

Hailing from Inglewood, California, She’s a 20-year-old Business Finance Major at Prairie View A&M University. She enjoys traveling, fashion, writing, graphic design, and being a life-long learner. Zoe has been working with Miranda Chaney Petite Wear since September of 2020. In doing so she’s had the opportunity to truly grow. Her passion is being able to write with the intentions of educating the audience and growing as the reader grows. Thank you for reading her post. Feel free to leave a comment.

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