VIP Slow Fashion Exclusive

Slow Fashion VIP Membership

Become part of the Slow Fashion movement with exclusive access to designs, discounts, and insights on how to build your influence with your wardrobe. This socially conscious fashion brand is designed and created in the US using local talent and manufacturing. Purchase exclusive and truly beautiful custom clothing designs by Miranda Chaney while making a difference for our planet with sustainably sourced materials, zero waste production strategies, and socially responsible approach to fashion. But wait, there's more! A portion of the proceeds will benefit non profit organizations centered around saving the environment and social issues that affect the treatment of others including garment workers rights, policy change, and much more. 

Become an influential petite, in-the-know about fashion trends, and part of the positive fashion movement in your community.   

The Slow Fashion VIP includes:

  • First Access to new designs
  • 20% off the entire Miranda Chaney Product Line
  • FREE Shipping on all Purchases
  • Quarterly Style Guide
  • 20% of the proceeds each month will benefit a local non profit organization centered around saving the environment and social justice issues in the community 


VIP Members get access to the freshest designs, trend-setting advice, and direct styling advice from label designer Miranda Chaney. 


Get ready for each new season with tips and fresh style inspiration from Miranda Chaney. From quick tips, to dos-and-don’ts, to slow fashion insights; you’ll look your best, and energize your wardrobe to make an impression wherever you go.


Why purchase at full price when you can get discounts on every purchase? VIP Members get 20% off of all Miranda Chaney designs, including brand new releases and all classic design styles. With new pieces released every quarter, enjoy unlimited shopping at your VIP discounts and get FREE SHIPPING on every order. 

Things To Know

Because of the nature of slow fashion, new styles will arrive quarterly! However you will be the first to know when they arrive and the first to shop exclusively at a discounted rate made just for you!