What is Petite

Petite is defined as a woman who is 5'4 and under. There is a big misconception that if you're tall and slim or short and skinny you are petite. However that's incorrect, being Petite refers to height not width. Petite women can come in all shapes and sizes including curvy, plus, and slim,

Our Petite Clothing

Our clothing is designed with you in mind. We design garments for women between 4'11 and 5'4. Everything starts in the cutting stage to fit Petite proportions, although we know each body type is different. In the cutting stage we always make sure to shave off a few inches of sleeves and hem length. 

Our clothes are meant to flatter you not drown you with the perfect fit. We take the hassle and frustration out of alterations on any occasion. 

Can I wear Petite Clothing if I'm tall? 

Yes you can! You may find that although you are tall, the top half of your body may be petite if you either have narrow shoulders or a short torso and the bottom half of your body may be petite if you have shorter legs. In this case you can purchase our separates such as the tops, bottoms, jackets, etc.